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GGV, or "People Who Generate Value", is more than an acronym: it is our essence. Having been in the market for 9 years, we have collaborated with +800 companies, growing 30% per year. We serve clients in several states in Brazil and also develop international projects in China, the USA and the United Kingdom.

Company Almost a decade of Market Intelligence and Sales Science.

Having been in the market for 9 years, we have served more than 90,850 companies, contributing to an average growth of 30% per year for our clients in several states in Brazil, in addition to projects in China, the USA and the United Kingdom. Our methodology is focused on results. We obtain market information to assist managers in making decisions, optimizing commercial processes and implementing sales tools. We train and enable your team to achieve high sales performance through a culture of indicator analysis. More productivity, more predictability, more people in the right place, more management by indicators, more training, more sales, more results. This is what we do.

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We are in Curitiba, capital of Paraná, a city that stands out for its innovative urban planning, well-kept parks, rich cultural life and efficient public transport system, consolidating its international reputation.

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Use market intelligence and apply science to sales to drive results.


In 2024, we will have a robust layer of data and technology in our solutions to scale and impact companies' results. This year Brazil will be too small for our expansion.


Results management

Processes with clear and feasible goals.

Customer Success

Proactivity to anticipate and overcome challenges.


Ability to analyze and focus on solutions.


Union for carrying out common projects.


Put new ideas into practice to generate value.

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