Transformation of the sales area for companies looking to grow.

GGV Sales Consulting promotes a true transformation of the sales area in companies looking to grow.

We implemented a new sales approach based on market intelligence, accurate indicators, effective processes, high-performance people and cutting-edge technology.

Evolve the commercial maturity of your business, empower your sales team, implement winning processes and see your results increase exponentially.

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We generate value for companies that want to boost sales in a sustainable way.

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Proven results in various segments.

  • 900

    Customers served

  • 36

    Segments served

  • 95%

    Satisfied customers

  • 30%

    Increase in average revenue

Our benefits and differences

We will create the right strategies to improve your sales process and increase your team's engagement and productivity, in addition to obtaining information to support your decisions.

Identification of commercial opportunities

Implementing effective processes

Empowerment of the decision-making process based on accurate data

Training and training your sales team

Development of short, medium and long term commercial strategies

Sustainable company growth

Our steps


Onboarding of our team with interviews with Managers and Employees to map their commercial process.

Market research

Collection of specific information and carrying out research, according to the scope of the project.


Identification of improvements, development of strategies and action plans.


Implementation of effective processes, development of sales scripts and increased conversions.


Conducting training aimed at sales, increasing team maturity and optimizing results.


Development of the commercial sector with the implementation of a culture focused on results.

Choose one of our plans according to the maturity of your business.

Each company has its own journey. Discover our Sales Consulting plans and choose the ideal one for your business.


For small teams with big ambitions.


For those looking to develop their commercial sector.


For companies that want to find areas for improvement.


For those looking for market expansion and MKT & Sales integration.

For small teams with big ambitions.

Ideal for start-up companies looking to build teams and professionalize their business processes.

The Start plan includes commercial process mapping, sales techniques and results management culture to boost your business.

After immersion, we will create strategies to boost your commercial results.

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For those looking to develop their commercial sector.

Made for companies that need to develop their commercial sector, optimizing results.

In the Smart plan, you will have mapped your entire commercial process and will know what you need to do at each stage of your service, with methodology and sales techniques for your company to perform more assertively.

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For companies that want to find areas for improvement.

Ideal for companies that want to find areas for improvement and enhance sales results.

Aimed at established sales teams that have the capacity to deliver more, but don’t know how to do it.

In addition to mapping, adjusting and sizing your sales team, your company will be able to understand what it needs to have and do for your team to reach sales targets every month.

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For those looking for market expansion and MKT & Sales integration.

Developed for companies with an excellent team that seeks advice from dedicated experts.

In the Premium plan, we use market intelligence to assist in decision-making with robust market research on your sector and based on primary data to better understand your customer, potential customer and competition.

With strategic sales methodology and techniques for your company to sell more, our consultants offer a more accurate market vision for market expansion and integration of Marketing and Sales through CRM

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What's included

See what is included in each plan.

What's includedStartBasicSmartPremium
Commercial DiagnosisVVVV
Mystery ShopperVVVV
Behavioral Profile AnalysisVVVV
Sales Process MappingVVVV
Sales Funnel ImplementationVVVV
Business planningVVVV
Preparation of the Commercial ScriptVVVV
Implementation of OKRsXVVV
Commissioning PolicyXXVV
Sales Team SizingXXVV
Development of the Selection ProcessXXVV
Implementation of Results ManagementXXVV
Sales WorkshopsX113
Competition AnalysisXXXV
Market researchXXXV
Integration of MKt and Sales sectorsXXXV

Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together some questions and answers that can help you in your decision to hire a Sales Consultant.

How do I find out the level of commercial maturity and the ideal plan for my company?

Our team of experts will carry out a diagnosis, evaluating the size of your investment, the size and performance of your salespeople, in addition to the processes carried out by your sales team.

What is a sales script?

It is a structured roadmap aligned with the needs of your market. With it, your team will be prepared for effective approaches, with persuasive arguments and clear communication, with the aim of boosting sales.

How does Sales Consulting enable the achievement of significant results?

Sales Consulting provides a broad and up-to-date view of your market. Based on market analysis, competition and study of trends, it is possible to identify opportunities, adjust strategies and gain competitive advantages.

What is the objective of strategic planning in Sales Consulting?

By relying on the expertise of our dedicated consultants, your investments are directed assertively, avoiding errors, reducing rework and maximizing the efficiency of your sales team. It’s a way to save time and money, optimizing your results.

What are KPIs and what are they for?

Sales Consulting assists in defining and monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) to systematically measure the success of your commercial tactics and strategies.