Commercial Outsourcing

Is your sales team really hitting targets?

In practice, we know that commercial management requires discipline. The commercial team needs constant training, monitoring of sales indicators and especially strategic direction, but do you or your commercial manager really perform these functions with excellence?

In many companies, the management role is performed by the owner himself and it can bring much more results, seeking business or making sales, in addition to being exhausting over time.

By outsourcing sales management, GGV is responsible for all tactical and strategic aspects of managing the sales team. We have a team of consultants and sales managers who will bring the best market practices, evaluation of indicators and strategic vision to your team.

If your company has more than three salespeople and you are dissatisfied with sales, Outsourcing can solve the problem in order to structure the main driver of any business: sales.

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Outsource your company's commercial management, reduce costs, optimize processes and sell more.

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  • 900

    Customers served

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    Segments served

  • 95%

    Satisfied customers

  • 30%

    Increase in average revenue

Our benefits and differences

Companies that have adopted commercial management outsourcing have achieved extraordinary results. Following commercial planning and keeping salespeople engaged is the role of the sales manager. With outsourced management, GGV will:

Train and monitor salespeople

Provide constant feedback with the team

Monitor sales funnel indicators

Direct commercial planning actions

Constantly engage the team

Present sales reports

Our steps


Confirmation of your company's commercial maturity.


Development of strategies to introduce our management methodology and integrate people and processes.

Implementation and Monitoring

Tactical execution of the commercial plan and constant analysis of KPIs.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together some questions and answers that can help you in your decision to hire a Sales Consultant.

How to identify the commercial maturity of my company?

Contact us and one of our experts will contact you to schedule a pre-diagnosis call. It’s a 20-minute conversation and at the end you will have, in addition to commercial maturity, several insights for decision making.

Will you do the sales in place of my salespeople?

No. We believe that sales is the company’s know-how, we will act as a third-party commercial manager, taking charge of the team, indicators, dismissals, support in hiring, training and strategic alignments to achieve goals.


With outsourcing, I will no longer need to charge the team?

We will manage your sales team. Commercial management is discipline and process. Our team will be responsible for collecting indicators and managing your sales team.

For which company is commercial management outsourcing recommended?

For companies with more than 3 salespeople, average ticket above R$5,000 per sale and high commercial maturity, above 90%. In other words, they have clear processes, commercial indicators, scripts and commercial planning with well-defined goals. 


What result can I expect from this outsourcing?

You can expect a more engaged sales team. Clear commercial indicators at each stage of the process, sales predictability following commercial planning and constant training with the team.