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Do you want to open a new business or expand your current one?

Opening a new business is a serious matter and identifying market and financial viability is the first step to be followed when opening a new company.

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We generated more than 20 million in savings in businesses that would not have been viable.

Proven results in various segments.

  • 900

    Customers served

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    Segments served

  • 95%

    Satisfied customers

  • 30%

    Increase in average revenue

Our benefits and differences

Market studies and analyzes carried out rigorously by our team “bar” or do not indicate the opening of unfeasible projects. Furthermore, they show several alternative paths to viable projects. Feasibility analysis saves time and money.

Identify market viability

Identify financial viability

Avoid high-risk investments

Minimize the chances of error

Specific market study for your business model

Identify alternative paths

Our steps

Market research

Carried out with primary data directly with potential customers, not just with secondary market data (articles, IBGE, etc.) we really address who the potential buyer audience is, with purchasing criteria and consumption habits to validate your business .

Demand Funnel

We use market research data to build a demand funnel and measure the size of your potential market and make optimistic, realistic and pessimistic revenue projections.

Financial projection

We collect financial data such as pre-operational investment, fixed and variable costs to forecast cash flow and identify indicators such as IRR, NPV and Payback.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together some questions and answers that can help you with your decision.

What methodology is used?

We carry out research directly with potential customers, competitors and, in the case of a physical location, a geomarketing analysis of the location is carried out, through quantitative and qualitative research. With the information from the market viability analysis with primary data, we develop the demand calculation and carry out the financial analysis, projecting the cash flow in scenarios (pessimistic, optimistic and realistic), in this way we identify the return on investment and whether there is financial viability.

When is the best time to invest in a feasibility study?

We recommend investing in a feasibility study of a new business before any initial investment and when you have a clearer business scope. Remember that it is never too late to obtain potential market information. A complete market study for opening a new business minimizes errors and directs the best business model.

How long does it take to complete the study?

From 25 to 60 days, depending on the complexity of the segment, target audience and information needed to begin the feasibility analysis of opening a new company. Opening a new company is a big challenge, don’t let your decisions be based on guesswork.

What information do I need to provide to start the feasibility analysis?

Initially we need a few hours to gather information about the business model and differentiators. After presenting the market research, we will need to collect initial investment, cost and contribution margin to prepare the financial projection in different scenarios.

With an understanding of my market, is success guaranteed?

With research to understand the customer profile and test the concept of your business, you certainly greatly minimize the chances of failure. Opening a new business or expanding depends on management, but having a clear understanding of the market helps a lot with strategies.