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What information do you have about your market? Do you know your real sales potential or do you operate solely based on guesswork?

Obtaining relevant data and information from the true reality of the market guarantees empowerment in your decision-making. This way you don’t waste time, save resources, accelerate learning and optimize your business results.

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We have an entire market intelligence sector to help you base your decision-making and direct your market strategies.

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Our benefits and differences

Is investing in market research more expensive or cheaper than making a mistake in the investment and wasting thousands of dollars from your company? Check out the benefits:

Identify market opportunities

Support decision making

Know your competitors

Identify consumption habits

Understand your customer satisfaction and engagement

Understand the purchasing criteria of your potential customers

Our steps

Let's talk and understand the main stakeholders of your business.


In-depth interviews with Managers and Employees.

Competition Analysis

We compare your company's positioning and results in relation to competitors.


Conducting research with Active Customers, Inactive Customers and Potential Customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together some questions and answers that can help you in your decision to carry out market research.

Is market research viable for my company?

Market research is recommended for any size of business, from small to large companies. The information obtained through research helps you further inform your decision-making.

How is this research carried out and presented?

Each market research has its particularities according to the business segment. It can be carried out in person, via telephone or online. In all surveys, customers are presented with detailed reports with demographic profile, consumption habits, purchasing criteria, opportunities and action plan suggestions for next steps.

Which professionals will carry out the research?

GGV has a market intelligence team with years of experience serving various segments. Our team is made up of marketers, market intelligence specialists, systems analysis professionals, advertisers and consultants with business experience.

Every research project is monitored by our project manager and the intelligence sector leader to ensure greater accuracy of information.

What results will I get when carrying out market research?

You will not make decisions based on guesswork or intuition. And yes, based on facts and data, which will drastically reduce your mistakes and enhance your successes in modeling, restructuring your business, launching new services and products, marketing strategies, market positioning and countless possibilities.

Market research helps which areas of a company?

GGV clients who carry out market research generally use the information to support marketing, product development, quality or sales. We can carry out very targeted research with customers, customers who have not closed, potential customers and competition.